Weeds On Paths, Patios & Drives


Weeds On Paths, Patios & Drives

Weeds on Gravel paths, drives, and cracks between paved patios are subject to weeds all year round, especially in the spring and in the summer.

Perennial weeds and grasses on patio’s and drives are not only unsightly but can soon become a nuisance, and even slippery when wet. Other growths such as moss and algae can also build up on hard surfaces if they are not treated regularly.

Hand weeding is possible for hard surfaces as the weeds will have shallow roots, however, this is a time consuming job and it is possible that you will leave some perennial roots behind allowing the weed to regrow. In addition to this when digging up the weeds, they are more likely to already be in flower, therefore, the weed would have already set seeds for more weeds to grow, thus making hand weeding a never ending task.

As part of our treatment plans, we can spray your weeds with a pre emergent weedkiller that will not only kill your existing weeds but will also prevent the germination of new seeds for up to six months allowing you to relax and enjoy your garden without a weed in sight.

If you are interested in finding out more about weeds and the different types of weedkillers we recommend visiting the RHS website.


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Weeds On Paths, Patios & Drives Weeds On Paths, Patios & Drives